A quality, functional solution for every cycle staircase!

What Bicyclegutter.com offers:

  • A large variety of bicycle gutter solutions. From relatively simple solutions, such as the traditional U-profile, to the unique VeloComfort®-system.
  • Solutions not only for narrow cycle steps, but also for wide bicycle stairways that are used intensively, eg in large-scale public bicycle parking facilities.
  • Solutions for any slope. Cyclists often consider steep stairs or slopes to be annoying and dangerous obstacles. On the other hand, stairs and slopes with only very slight inclines are often perceived as uncomfortable to use.

Bicyclegutter.com helps to find solutions not only for narrow bike staircases, but also for wider flights that are used intensively, eg in large-scale public bike parking facilities!


VeloComfort® is a European patented system that helps people to comfortably and safely guide their bikes up and down stairs or ramps.

Stainless steel
bicycle gutter

Bicyclegutter.com’s® stainless steel bicycle gutter is a robust stainless steel U-profile that helps people to move bikes up and down slopes or stairs.

bicycle gutter

Bicyclegutter.com’s® aluminum bicycle gutter is a durable, anodised profile that helps people to move their bikes up and down slopes or stairs.

VeloComfort’s® Benefits

  • Allows users to negotiate stairs and slopes with minimal effort
  • The user determines his/her own speed
  • Applicable to indoor and outdoor locations
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe


Location:Freiburg, Germany
Date:Juni 2018
Location:Rostock, Germany
Date:Februari 2018
Location:Red Apple, Rotterdam
Date:Juni 2018