Stainless steel bicycle gutter

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    Stainless steel bicycle gutter’s® stainless steel bicycle channel is a robust stainless steel U-profile that helps people to move bikes up and down slopes or stairs. The U-profile offers a track in which the bike can be guided up or down. However, the profile does not give the cyclist any support, meaning that the bike is guided up or down completely on the basis of the efforts of the user. Optionally, the bottom surface of the stainless steel profile can be fitted with anti-slip, giving the bike tyre more grip, and making it less likely to slip sideways in situations such as rain or snow when the gutter is slippery.

    The standard width of the gutter is 100mm, so that bikes with wide tyres can be comfortably guided up and down. Optionally, smaller profile can be chosen.

    Stainless steel bicycle gutter specifications:

    • Material: RVS304;
    • Material thickness: 3mm;
    • Width: 100mm (narrower is possible);
    • Height of raised edges (u-profile): 25mm;
    • Mounting on stairs by means of brackets;
    • Optionally, the tread can be provided with anti-slip;
    • Maximum slope angle; suitable for all gradients.