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    VeloComfort® bicycle transport system

    VeloComfort® is a European patented system that helps people to comfortably and safely guide their bikes up and down stairs or ramps. The VeloComfort®-system can be installed on a wide variety of stairways in both indoor and outdoor locations; on stairs with/without intermediate platforms or ramps, with steep/shallow stairs, long or short flights, and narrow or wide.

    VeloComfort®GutterBrush: From top to bottom

    One side of the stairs is – for the entire length – equipped with a gutterbrush. The gutterbrush is made of a high quality, durable and low-maintenance aluminum double-sided channel, which is equipped with brush strips on both sides. The friction of the gutter brush ensures that the bike slows down, allowing the user to determine their own pace during the descent. The entrance and exit of the gutterbrush are aesthetically, functionally and safely integrated into the system. The VeloComfort®GutterBrush is suitable for all bikes with two inline wheels, for bikes with thin or wide tyres as well as for light and heavy bikes.

    VeloComfort®GutterBrush specifications:

    • Width: 163mm;
    • Height: 128mm;
    • Mounting onto stairs with brackets;
    • Suitable for all gradients.

    VeloComfort®ConveyorBelt: From bottom to top

    The other side of the staircase is equipped with a bicycle conveyor belt. The high quality kevlar-based conveyor belt runs in a durable, low-maintenance aluminum double-sided channel and is powered by an electric motor. The entrance and exit of the conveyor are aesthetically, functionally and safely integrated into the system. The electric motor is positioned on the side of the conveyor belt. The VeloComfort®ConveyorBelt is suitable for all bikes with hand brakes, for bikes with two wheels behind each other, for bikes with wide and thin tires as well as for light and heavy bikes. Bikes without hand brakes will be upwards transported, however require a little more support from the user. The bike conveyor is activated once the integrated sensor detects a bike and automatically stops if the conveyor is completely free of bicycles .

    VeloComfort®ConveyorBelt specifications:

    • Material: anodised aluminum;
    • Profile width: 94mm;
    • Profile height: 123mm;
    • Width conveyor belt: 50mm;
    • Engine bonnet dimensions (LxWxH): 607x200x158mm;
    • Belt speed: variable adjustable;
    • Mounting onto stairs by means of brackets;
    • Maximum slope angle; 35 ° (if toothed belt is milled in, depth 9cm) *

    * Suitable for inclination angles of 35 °; for angles of inclination between 25 ° and 35 °, we recommend milling the toothed belt to a depth of 9 cm.